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*Sat. Dec. 5 at 1pm CT "Harry Potter Happy Christmas" Live Stream Concert on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. NEW SONG ALERT - SEE K3SB FAM page!

*Dec. 25 at 3pm CT "K3 Sisters Band CHISTMAS Cheer" Fox TV & YouTube premiere.

*Dec. 31 at 11pm-1am CT K3 Sisters Band "NEW YEARS EVE CONCERT" LIVE stream party & concert on YouTube, Instagram & Facebook with LIVE TikTok greetings! 


Stream our NEW Album, "My Time LIVE" for free NOW!

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Countries where the K3SB FAM live include: Greece, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany, Indonesia, Austria,

Australia, Poland, Pakistan, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Finland, Norway, Russia, India, New Zealand, Philippines, Spain, Kuwait, Netherlands, Singapore, Denmark, Egypt, Iraq, Serbia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Turkey, Sweden, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Hungary, United States and Ecuador.

If we left your country out email us your country to: dblportion2005@yahoo.com

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