Dallas: K3 Sisters to Collab with Milan Graphic Artist Dyanantasya 

Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen Kassab, founders of the K3 Sisters Band from Dallas, Texas and Dyana Cartisano graphic artist from Milan, Italy also known as Dyanantasya announced the release of a graphic art series in celebration of the band’s recent successes.


The first creation was unveiled earlier this month, and free

copies of it will be made available to millions of international

fans during an interactive live stream concert.

Teens and pre-teens around the world have fueled a staggering surge of interest in the sisters’ TikTok and Reels posts, original songs and live stream concerts on YouTube, IGTV and Facebook which have topped a quarter of a billion views.

And the sister phenoms are being noticed by social media tracking services who have classified them as mega-influencers.

Intriguingly, the roots of this unique international collab can be traced directly to the social distancing protocols brought on as responses to the worldwide pandemic.


“Although we have performed our music professionally since 2009, five months of quarantine due to COVID-19 has seen us working up to 70 hours per week writing new songs, filming, editing and retooling our business plan to rapidly transition to live stream broadcasting in lieu of entertaining at theme parks, festivals and citywide events,” says oldest sister Kaylen who at 21 years old who also serves as the group’s marketing VP. “Since a big part of our success stems from our genre bending music with lyrical symbolism and producing popular TikToks related to Harry Potter movies we began exploring the magic in the world of visual arts.”


Months prior to being contacted by the charismatic Italian graphic artist, the girls’ post office box was filling up with unsolicited fan art from around the world.


These original works accompanied by personal letters and ranged from detailed pencil or crayon drawings of the girls to more elaborate paintings and high quality color sketches of them posing on stage.


Simultaneously, the singer songwriters began witnessing numerous fan edits on social media in which teens were experimenting with video editing apps like Cute CUT to remix images, music and videos of the girls into new creations as short form tribute videos.


Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen were incredibly moved by the love, admiration and affection they were receiving, and sought ways to return the love.


The girls, who are also known by fans as K3Kaylen, K3Kelsey and K3Kristen,

began showcasing these creative fan edits and remixes of themselves as the “OFFICIAL K3 Sisters Band- Fan Edits Compilation” series on their YouTube channel.


They also began including segments during their live stream concerts where they held up the fan inspired creations for virtual attendees to see and then text their comments in real time.


It was with these developments in mind that Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen were immediately interested when they were contacted by Dyanantasya who suggested the idea of an artistic collaboration.


It turns out that Dyana had discovered the K3 Sisters Band music

and videos on Instagram, and really liked what they were doing.

She had began her digital and visual art career at the age of 12.

“I can transform the fantasy in my head and clients into one reality,”

she says. “Art is my passion, and I love to create everyday while

seeking to improve with love and determination in order to satisfy

my dreams and my customers.”


As a rising graphic artist who like the K3 Sisters was also subjected to the limitations of the social distancing protocols of the pandemic in Italy, she never gave up. She continued actively focusing on designing album art and publicity posters for performing artists and personalities in the confines of her home studio.


After experiencing an epiphany, Dyana decided to reach out from Milan to the three Texans via a direct message.


The result was instant chemistry. An excited back and forth between the four aspiring female entrepreneurs ensued.


And those first exploratory musings resulted in a small financial, but potentially big creative business relationship.