Dallas: K3 Sisters do a 2nd Collab with Milan, Italy's Dyanantasya 

Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen Kassab, founders of the K3 Sisters Band from Dallas, Texas in 2009, and Dyana Cartisano graphic artist from Milan, Italy also known as Dyanantasya announce the release of their second graphic art poster in their ongoing art collaboration series.                                                                         


The release is in celebration of the band’s 12th anniversary.

The first creation was unveiled earlier this year, and free

copies of it were made available to millions of international

fans. This second poster work to be released worldwide in January of 2021 will graphically symbolize the K3 Sisters Band's new single and full album "Silver Lining" to be released in the Winter of 2021.


And YES, all K3SB FAM will be eligible to receive one for FREE pluls FREE shipping worldwide. Stay tuned!