K3 Sisters Poetry Contest

Calling all poets...


You know that Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen write all the lyrics to their original songs, but you might not know that writing song lyrics and writing poetry are very similar. The girls also write poetry, and would love to receive and read all of YOUR original poems!

So, write and original poem in English, and mail a hard copy of it to:

K3 Sisters Band

c/o Bruce Ray Productions

P.O. Box 870973

Mesquite, TX 75187

Your poem will make it into the "K3 Sisters 2021 Book of Poetry" once it clears BRP's screening for appropriate content. Also, please remember that by submitting your poem you are agreeing to let BRP keep your poem and publish your poem. Make sure to indicate what name you want to receive credit. It could be your name or your social media name.   Let the writing begin!!!! Below is a recent one by Kristen!

The Free Spirit by K3Kristen

She rides a white mare

With long flowing hair

Loves rivers and streams

And bell bottom jeans

A friend of the earth

She knows what it's worth

Likes salad bars

And six string guitars

Want to romance her?

Be a two-step dancer

Make her a daisy chain

Walk barefoot in rain

From the morning star 

To Jupiter and Mars

Her sunset smile's

From the British Isles

But make no mistake

Your heart she might break

'Cause she's a Free Spirit

That's all there is to it!

Still Looking for You by K3SB

I know you're out there on the wooded trail

Running and hiding in moonlight pale

For I was there when life was good

Dreaming of greatness as innocents should

I still remember the sun's warm kisses

Sunset skies and unspoken wishes

The chocolate mud we stirred with glee

And offered to forest friends for free

We floated great ships in the swollen creek

And you took the time to enjoy a peek

You helped with the pain of insect bites

And lay by my side on dark, scary nights

We captured our foes in mist and rains

And tied them fast with daisy chains

Such victories called for the playing of taps

Playful baths and afternoon naps

We climbed up vines and fearlessly swung

With sweet honeysuckle stuck to our tongues

We never ever tired of life in the woods

Searching for wizards in magical hoods

I know you will offer a welcome to me

As soon as I let go and get myself free

You see, lately life's been a bit unkind

But I'm hoping to see you when I unwind

So now it's for us that I lift up my glass

To a simpler time of pluck and sass

When evil was vanquished with steel-eyed looks

And love was a fairytale found only in books