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Stream our NEW album, "Silver Lining" for free NOW!

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In this 12th album in 12 years of performing as the K3 Sisters Band- Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen went back into their homegrown studio to record new songs as well as fan favorites from the past year of live stream concerts. The result is astounding as you will hear. The title track Silver Lining is an ode to positive belief that even during tough times, if you "look a little closer" you can discover good things in your life. Highlights include the "late night 'one and only take'" of the Harry Potter inspired Yule Ball Blues featuring just about every stringed instrument the band plays, the first re-recording of the 2014 anti-bullying hit Sticks and Stones, a Bob Dylanish flavored Weathertown featuring Kristen on vocals, and the chillingly introspective Life is a Funny Thing & Livin' in the Nowhere. The debut of Kristen's Love Fever immediately catches your fancy. Ending the effort with Just a Singer (In a Rock 'n Roll Band) leaves the listener with the good vibes of getting to know a band that knows their place in people's lives, and loves to be part of a community that cares about each other using their love of live music as the commonality to gather together and laugh, cry and support each other during live stream concerts and chats on YouTube premieres. Copyright 2021 Bruce Ray Productions All Rights Reserved




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Countries where the K3SB FAM live include: Greece, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany, Indonesia, Austria,

Australia, Poland, Pakistan, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Finland, Norway, Russia, India, New Zealand, Philippines, Spain, Kuwait, Netherlands, Singapore, Denmark, Egypt, Iraq, Serbia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Turkey, Sweden, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Hungary, United States and Ecuador.

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