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K3SB Radio

For over a decade Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen have dreamed of creating their own radio show to feature their original songs and to highlight them with some worthy back stories and interpretations of lyrics, musical oddities and creative forces that inhabit their songs.

Their K3SB Radio is a way to do all of the above in a commercial free and chill way for listeners to enjoy. Instead of a constantly revolving set of songs and short commentaries, they decided to create “radio episodes” so that listeners could pick and choose from long playing set lists.

Also featured in K3SB Radio is the placement of songs that were recorded years ago either in the studio or pulled from live performances in sequence with newer versions of the same song. The evolution and different vibes are not only nostalgic, but will take you on a different sonic journey depending on the different tempo, arrangement or genre vibe.

So, enjoy the ride as K3SB Radio is created for YOU!

Have a favorite K3 Sisters Band song or specific live performance? Let us know which song you'd like us to air and why. 

Thanks for submitting!

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