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Harry Potter Rap - K3 Sisters Band


Chorus: There was a cute wizard named Harry Potter

But his best friend Ron was even hotter

They met a charmer named Hermione

Who always saved them when they were in need




V1)Those days at Hogwarts were truly magic

Losing Sirius was totally tragic

Snape’s bark was worse than his bite

The dementors fled from patronus light


V2)Madam Hooch taught us to ride the broom

Moaning Myrtle cried in the girls bathroom

Harry and Hagrid met Firenze the centaur 

Dumbledore gave 50 points to Gryfindor 


Chorus) There was a cute wizard named Harry Potter

And his best friend Ron was even hotter

They met a charmer named Hermione

Who always saved them when they were in need




V3.McGonagall was strict and become a cat

Quidditch fans cheered for Cedric’s bat

Ginny, Neville and Luna were charming friends

Voldemort got what he deserved in the end


V4.Lupin was kind but had a lunar curse

Flitwick taught us Double Trouble verse

Umbridge and Filch were always cruel

Molly wiped out Bellatrix in a brutal duel 




V5. Who could forget George and Fred

Twizzlers sparked over everybody’s head

Pedigrue’s a rat with no excuse

Mad Eye Moody never drank polyjuice 


V.6 Draco’s a bully that’s for sure

Daddy Lucius was very Impure

Harry freed Dobby from his doom 

                                                      And blew Aunt Marge up like a balloon

Chorus) There was a cute wizard named Harry Potter

And his best friend Ron was even hotter

They met a charmer named Hermione

Who always saved them when they were in need

K3 Sisters Band Book of Secrets Sayings...
- Chapter One -
1:1 A smile can befriend or beguile. Knowing the difference requires peering into dark places. 
1:2 I choose to paint the story of my  life in equal shades of cynicism and idealism. 
1:3 I swore at the beast as the twilight mist washed the tears from my face. 
1:4 I learned that some angels with cobalt blue eyes have jet black hearts. 
1:5 I tuned out the beastly drumbeats of success, and followed the simpler path of kindness and belonging. 
1:6 Do not dread your final breath on earth. Dread the realization that you made poor use of all the breaths leading up to it. 
1:7 Viewing the cup as one quarter full is more powerful than viewing it as half empty. 
1:8 I slipped into the forest at dark, and the morning star showed me the pathway into the beyond. 
1:9 I let the music of my soul guide me to the shores of contentment and wonder.
1:10 Walk with pride alongside those who seek answers. Distance yourself from those who claim to have all the answers. 
1:11 If meaningless things bring me joy, I embrace them as meaningful milestones of my unique journey on earth. 
1:12 Understanding that you are less than a dragon and more than a fly does not prevent you from navigating through life with the awesome precision of a dragonfly.
1:13 Powerful people are practiced at negotiating and compromise. People in weaker positions can exploit this reality with care. 
1:14 Although we might think of our cultures as new and improved, things haven't changed much in 2,000 years.
1:15 Enjoy owning at least one wooden table on which daily you and others can leave hot cups, dents, scratches, scribbles, spills and dirt without regret.
1:16 Do not purge "I don't know" from your vocabulary, and don't look down on those wise enough to do the same.
1:17 First be a true friend to yourself, then consider other friendships. 
1:18 Choose your friends wisely, and try to choose wise friends.
1:19 Talking too much and not listening enough leads to problems, but not having the courage to speak up when necessary leads to worse problems. 
1:20 If saying "No" is hard for you, force yourself to say "No" more. If saying "Yes" is hard for you, force yourself to say "Yes" more. 
1:21 Consider the imbalance of only reading what you believe, or only reading what you don't believe.
1:22 Discover how to manage, control and/or eliminate your pain with the powers within your mind. 
1:23 Walk barefoot in firm mud and remember things long forgotten. 
1:24 Losing, failing or coming up short permanently destroys what some people have tried to achieve, but for others the same experiences are redeployed as critical foundation blocks for their future success. 

- Chapter 2 -
2:1 Be sure you are not overrating the quality and timing of your strategy and position, and never underestimate the timing of your competitors, opponents and enemies.
2:2 A great leader can be a predator or a grazer, however, the first one is often lonely, and the second one quietly longs for freedom from the group. 
2:3 Being too careful leads to scuffles and scrapes in life much the same way as walking too carefully in a shiny, new pair of shoes leads to premature scuffs. 
2:4 Losing has many faces.
2:5 I drank from the waters of fame and found myself dying of thirst. 
2:6 If you stare into the lunar light long enough you will see many things in a different light. 
2:7 People who accuse you of thinking too much usually spend too little time thinking enough. 
2:8 Beware of flowery talk of inevitable progress. 
2:9 Spend regular time in meditation, and tap into insights that transcend common knowledge. 
2:10 Embrace the fact that you are what you were "when," but don't be afraid to explore other points of view without guilt or judgmental attitudes. 
2:11 When you follow your heart you will discover true freedom, awesome joys and perilous dangers.
2:12 People are not as helpless as they seem, and you are not as helpless as you feel. 
2:13 Medicine rarely takes away your pain, much as wearing a mask does not fully transform you. 
2:14 Do not fear when you realize there is scientific, religious, philosophical and mystical proof that our worlds were designed and engineered. 
2:15 Practice continual diligence in identifying, controlling and eliminating parasites, bloodsuckers, leeches, sycophants and energy vampires from your body, soul and spirit.
2:16 Humanity's thirst for immortality is innate and universal which suggests that immortality is real... in some form or another.
2:17 Try closing your eyes when you speak to a blind person, and wearing ear plugs when you speak with a deaf person.
2:18 If you sincerely pray for others, more of your needs will be met, but if you sincerely curse others you will experience deprivation. 
2:19 Carefully distinguish the differences between your dreams, goals and visions.
2:20 Silence is golden, but it can tarnish relationships. 

Chapter 3
3:1 Beware of codependent relationships because they will consume your soul.
3:2 Maintain a healthy suspicion of obese people who preach spiritual discipline, asceticism or austerity. 
3:3 Politicians, religious leaders and philosophers  practice prevarication with precision. 
3:4 The face of truth is often quite blemished, therefore, keep a healthy balance in your search for answers within and without yourself. 
3:5 Just because you do something for all the right reasons does not exempt you from inconvenience, pain, anguish or death. 
3:6 Fixating on the moon's movements or on a pot about to boil can transfix you if you remain calm and assured.
3:7 If you look intently, you can see either light or darkness in people's eyes because eyes are the physical gateways to the soul. 
3:8 Just as some trees grow faster and live much longer than others, some people grow old faster, and will live much longer than others. 
3:9 Going it alone does not have to feel lonely. 
3:10 Finding courage is elusive, however, fear will easily find you. 
3:11 Mother Nature and Father Time are neither motherly nor fatherly. 
3:12 Never abandon your critical thinking when confronted by groupthink. Instead, abandon such groups as soon as feasible. 
3:13 Live under the sun and moon with the knowledge that you are greater than all dead wise men and women, and will become less than all those men and women that remain alive when you are dead.
3:14 Public transportation tends to degrade your body and soul. Walking through life better sustains your physical and mental health.
3:15 As youth is wasted on the young; so is feebleness, pain and the knowledge of good and evil is lavished upon the aged.
3:16 Make more time to sing, write, draw, paint and sculpt. It will enrich your soul beyond measure. 
3:17 Art and the dark arts are familiar essences.
3:18 Running from danger is often as noble an act as staying put and confronting it. Choose wisely those locations and viewpoints which you are prepared to defend to the death.
3:19 Should you choose to live on the side of a volcano, river trail or on the beachfront, do not curse when you are the victim of a "natural" disaster. Nature is no respecter of persons. After all, it was your decision to live or remain in such a location that caused your disastrous losses. 
3:20 The cry of a candle blowing out in the wind screams at the darkness to no avail, but the birth of the morning star sings a lullaby to the night. 

- Chapter 4 -
4:1 Invest more study time into the movements of the constellations and the night sky if only to connect with our ancient ancestors.
4:2 Explore your daily state of awareness between conscious and unconscious as it is this third state of being that might be your best entrance into the beyond.
4:3 Do not fear death, but avoid it as long as possible.
4:4 The age old tree came crashing down in the far away woods as the bubbling brook gurgled to the sound of one hand clapping.
4:5 The whitherto's, thitherto's and hitherto's gently gave way to the why fors,
how comes, never agains and herinafters. 
4:6 True love is rare, capricious and at times has steep peaks and deep valleys.  4:7 A marriage of convenience is better than a bad marriage, and a good marriage tends to devalue convenience. 
4:8 Poverty is sometimes a state of mind, and at other times it is a choice.
4:9 Some sports promote brutality, greed and gambling. Other sports promote team spirit, emotional release and wholesome competition. 
4:10 A skilled wordsmith hammers out the imperfections of mixed metaphors and bad grammar with the intensity of the blacksmith's hammer and anvil. 
4:11 People who constantly say "honestly" are often signaling their dishonesty. 
4.12 The fresh vegetable markets of some countries offer tasty, nutritional and good plants that are considered bad or noxious weeds in other countries. One can appreciate and enjoy using all parts of the botanical world, but it takes a lifetime of learning.
4:13 If you enjoy getting close to people with thunder appeal, you may not survive the lightning bolts. 
4:14 When you come across words you do not know and fail to look up their meanings, you are doing yourself and the world a disservice. 
4:15 Enjoy running with the deer, for the time could come when you must graciously settle for walking with the terrapins.
4:16 Being shown the light in strange places does not diminish its intensity nor efficacy if you remain calm and open minded. 
4:17 The life cycles of deciduous trees are powerful natural manifestations that point to the possibility of physical and/or spiritual resurrection or some kind of rebirth following death.  Reflections of the beyond permeate the natural world. 
4:18 Do not fail to bathe under the sun and under the light of a full moon. 
4:19 A hot drink on a hot day is better than a cold drink on a cold day.
4:20 In the conscious state we live in the here and now, but in the beyond we are able to live in the past, present and future all at once. Experiencing the mists of age can be mysterious, mystifying and mystical all at once. 

- Chapter 5 -
5:1 Concentrate on what you can be, not on what you might have been or what you once were. 
5:2 Grief at saying goodbye to a loved one or friend can be greatly diminished by summoning up gratefulness for the privilege of experiencing their presence for a time.
5:3 There came a summer when the neighbor stopped growing okra, tomatoes and cucumbers to sell by placing them on the table with a donation can in front of his house. Happily, however, he still grew vegetables, plants and herbs for himself to eat and use.
5:4 Be careful of the tropics as such climates could lower your creativity, productivity and virility if you don't get up well before dawn, and take naps in the afternoon. 
5:5 When you get lost in the music you might find yourself in the mystic. Don't panic, simply go with it... as music... like the wind, can be felt but not seen. If you open the windows of your soul, it will blow in and refresh you in untold ways. 
5:6 Do not discourage, repress or demonize exploration into the mystical realms that constantly surround you.  
5:7 Don't devalue the study of the stars, sun and moon along with their corresponding solstices, syzygies and equinoxes. Their ancient magic and holiness have shaped and continue to shape every facet of our modern world. 
5:8 Although your dreams are often chaotic... as in life... you can find truth in the midst of chaos.
5:9 Just because someone is good to you does not mean they are a good person. 
5:10 Kindness to animals and people is a virtue. 
5:11 The magic of a vision is that it is free from the clouds of uncertainty and doubt.
5:12 Vengeance is possible if you are willing to summon dark forces. Understand, however, that such darkness will forever stain your soul. 
5:13 The passage of time heals almost all wounds. Some wounds require more than the passage of time to heal properly. Some wounds will never heal. 
5:14 When you discover that you have been led astray, focus on the path back home instead of the path to vengeance. Do not lose heart if you realize that your way back home is turning out to be as long and winding a journey as that which led you astray.
5:15 In lowering your gaze to serve and genuinely protect the helpless, you will elevate your soul to genuine understanding, appreciation and communion with your community.
5:16 When the winds of change and chance begin to blow, do not be surprised when they escalate to a hurricane force of instability and personal turmoil. 
5:17 Consider unfollowing your unreasonable dreams earlier than later. At the same time, view your work on earth as much more than mere service to an employer or the earning of money. 
5:18 Silence is golden, but like gold it is heavy and difficult to find. 
5:19 Science is not magic by definition. Magic is both art and science. You can see the magic of life, and still venerate science. 
5:20 A melody is perceived as sad due to a combination of social associations and some minor chords combined with concurrent or historic mournful or tragic narratives, motifs and/or lyrics. Minor chords are not intrinsically sad just as people are not intrinsically sad. 

- Chapter 6 -
6:1 Original thoughts are very rare. Nevertheless, each generation has its poets, heroes and villains.
6:2 The violence of Mother Nature is neither motherly nor maternal. The use of "Mother" in this case is an anthropomorphic contradiction.
6:3 Since most sentient beings do not use words to think, feel, communicate, react and thrive;  free yourself from the bondage of language and "literacy" in order to regain a greater portion of your extant senses and instincts. 

Thee Magic Square 
4 - 9 - 2
3 - 5 - 7
8 - 1 - 6
Up and down, side by side and crisscross across, the compass always points to 15.

6:4 Some people get tattoos, some get scars, and some get both. 
6:5 World peace, love and understanding is a good start and a good finish.
6:6 Living happily ever after is certainly not certain. Nevertheless, long term enjoyment is to be preferred over short term enjoyment.  
6:7 The difference between being in a rush and efficiency is the mistake. Casting judgment in a rush is not only a mistake, but it is dangerous. 
6:8 Avoid sharing your innermost ideas and feelings with people who don't care. When a person shares their innermost feelings with you, spend a great deal of time listening, and refrain from immediately offering problem solving solutions or pontificating. 
6:9 Finding yourself often includes loss. Follow your instincts, but avoid violating your conscience.
6:10 If dying is a shame, we are all shameful sooner or later.
6:11 Spend more time relaxing in the shadows of your mind. 
6:12 Deep and epic cycles of life are everywhere in nature, but keep a calm awareness that by contrast your life on earth is quite shallow and linear; hence- carpe diem. 
6:13 Finding yourself involves great surprises. 
6:14 Wishful thinking can precede or follow regrets; so guard yourself against striving too hard for people or things. 
6:15 Do what you can, and you might achieve what others say is impossible.
6:16 Even the most upright and moral person must lie down. And, in the dream state we all regress to a primal dimension without conscience. Use care in drawing conclusions to dream state revelations, and recognize that such symbols and actions almost always are not to be taken literally. 
6:17 Beware of the multitudes of multi-cultural, mutating, multi-dimensional belief systems which profit from the spiritual enslavement of their followers.        
6:18 Do not revere people just because they practice a lot. This includes doctors, psychologists, lawyers, artists, athletes and musicians. 
6:19 Experience more dawns and sunrises to clear and expand your mind.           
6:20 It is possible for a parent or teacher to administer effective discipline without punishment or the fear of punishment. 

- Chapter 7 -
7:1 Use care around people who project idyllic images of personal perfection and power, but retreat daily into an unfulfilled state of emptiness, weakness, social disconnection and imperfection. 
7:2 The fantasy of letting the world pass you by is like believing the sun revolves around our planet. You are revolving through this world into another dimension.
7:3 Since one man gathers what another man spills, make sure to spill with generosity and cunning. Do not look back when doing so, and you will curry favor with potential future allies. 
7:4 Childhood memories are not high fidelity or in high definition. 
7:5 There is a mystical dimension to life that can be accessed if you desire to enter it. It is easy to access for some people, and almost impossible for others.
7:6 Music is a tongue that is spoken fluently in all nations. 
7:7 Visual and performing artists are ever so grateful for the eyes and ears of thoughtful and sensitive beholders. 
7:8 Ancient and contemporary literature does not discriminate between generational or cultural perceptions. So, import the eternal realities into your world view, and leave behind the historical-cultural contexts that do not apply to our modern world. 
7:9 Absolute freedom from absolutes paves the way to enslavement. Secular or religious absolutism is dangerous. 
7:10 Believing that success is the pathway to personal vengeance will create a tartness to the sweet taste of victory. 
7:11 Always keep your defensive walls of integrity in place as you visit with the ideas and lifestyles of others. 
7:12 The wind enables the music of the chime. Let the winds of change enable the music of your life. 
7:13 Variety and spontaneity are essential seasonings to the necessary routines we all face. They are key ingredients to the recipe of a fulfilled life. 
7:14 Baring your soul can ventilate the dusty attics of your mind, however, sharing too much too soon or to too many can drastically compromise your position. Use restraint. 
7:15 If you choose to be closed-minded, be satisfied to bask on the shores of stagnation. If you choose to be open-minded, be prepared for dangerous voyages on the high seas of adventure.
7:16 Danger is relative, and some relatives are dangerous. 
7:17 The media, like weathermen are often dead wrong, therefore, reserve judgment accordingly. The same holds true for religious leaders, politicians and hairdressers.
7:18 The imagination is the greatest source of magic.  
7:19 Peering into pure darkness can be illuminating. Peering into pure light can be blinding. 
7:20 There are times when you should help others, and there are times when you should let others help you. 

- Chapter 8 -
8:1 The ray of sunlight on a stormy day is a reminder that what we are perceiving is always a partial and incomplete perception.
8:2 There are worse things that can happen to a person than being killed in a war. If you want to be merciful, however, do not become a soldier. 
8:3 Pitying yourself is demeaning and self indulgent. 
8:4 When being right becomes too costly, consider passive neutrality as a bridge of compromise. 
8:5 Rock climbing on a moral precipice is best done in solitude with strong and long ropes. 
8:6 Do not be disturbed when you realize that your memories of a particular person became frozen in the recesses of your mind. In reality, they... like you... have changed significantly over the years. 
8:7 Ponder carefully how you are connected to nature. At times, try synchronizing your breathing and heartbeats with the energy flowing through your spirit and soul. 
8:8 Wisdom and truth react together like oil and vinegar. 
8:9 Sympathy understands and passively commiserates, but compassion empathizes and motivates remedial actions. 
8:10 Neckties are a hangman's noose to some people.
8:11 Looking for love in all the wrong places decreases your chance of long term success in a relationship. Looking for love in all the right places decreases your chance of short term success in a relationship.
8:12 Try to remain focused and to function efficiently when you are deprived of sleep and/or food.  
8:13 Bringing forth is a visceral sense that is deep within you. Metaphysical activity emanates from your mind, and will never be explained in scientific terms.
8:14 The recording of history is more accurate if it is done by a diverse, contemporaneous group of both professional and non professionals. Although counter-intuitive, the more differences and inaccuracies which defy reconciliation serve to insure more authentic levels of understanding as to what actually happened. Identical accounts should be viewed with skepticism. We all remember things differently.
8:15 There is a time to protest, and a time to refrain from protesting. 
8:16 Expand your mind and awareness whenever possible. 
8:17 What remains after the storms is what we can use to create and build upon. Retain the old and usable colors, acquire new colors, and mix them to continue painting the murals of your life. 
8:18 Teach yourself to detach from your pain. Visualize your rumbles of hunger as the roars of ocean waves, and your crackling cries of thirst as the dancing desert sands. 
8:19 Never gamble for power, riches or fame with personal assets that you cannot afford to compromise or lose. 
8:20 Instead of condoning eye for eye and tooth for tooth justice, support the blind and battered. 

- Chapter 9 -
9:1 Develop humility by congratulating the winners with sincerity; but develop greater understanding and love by spending more time consoling, listening to, and learning from the losers.
9:2 If you insist on continuously driving with your pedal to the metal, you will damage or destroy your car. The same thing happens to your body and soul if you insist on pushing yourself to the limit and not slowing your pace at times.   
9:3 Do not regret being a Jack-of-all-trades. It is a rich life. At the same time, however, do not fail to become a master of one or more trades if you are so gifted. 
9:4 Every other month or so memorize a poem, song lyric, monologue or dialogue. Then, try reciting it to a small group of people.  
9:5 High quality and focused repetition is not vanity, however, vane and mindless repetition is.  
9:6 Discreetly celebrate your healthy digestion. It is indicative of a well balanced and proper diet.
9:7 Practice good oral hygiene, and do not carelessly utter ugly words either. 
9:8 Do not argue with a pregnant woman or a seething man. 
9:9 Democracy without consensus is divisive, disruptive and demoralizing. 
9:10 Consider carefully if a person is drinking to excess for heaven's sake or hell's sake. The difference has immense consequences.
9:11 Some trees live for decades, others live for centuries. The same holds true for certain people. 
9:12 Flipping coins trying to convince a fatalist of random chance or free will is pure futility. 
9:13 People who are living under a dictator, king or queen get all the pie in the sky and cake they want. 
9:13 Considering how rarely your expectations are fulfilled, it is amazing how tantalizing and euphoric the anticipation of glory continues to be as a powerful motivator, therefore, beware of those who use anticipation of glory as a carrot and stick to control you. 
9:14 It is difficult to comprehend how good you have it until you lose it. Wise people are able to devote themselves to contentment and a life of thanksgiving. 
9:15 As you peer at the moon, consider that just about every human with sight that ever lived also peered at it in wonder. 
9:16 There is nothing as constant as change in our universe over time, however, many people live their lives in various states of denial... insisting change will never happen to them. Therefore, do not fear change, but harness its immense energy and allow it to empower you.
9:17 Just because you forgot something you did or said does not mean it did not affect thousands or millions of people over time.
9:18 Good health is squandered on the healthy.
9:19 Fishing can clear or muddy the mind.
9:20 Progress has no conscience.

- Chapter 10 -
10:1 If you keep melodies playing as you work, harmonies of success will emerge.
10:2 Voting at a ballot box is an act of faith.
10:3 The wise man sold his demons to the highest bidder, and left his chains behind.
10:4 Those at the top of a food chain or hierarchy fully expect the lions to lay down with the lambs, and of course... view themselves as lions.
10:5 You will starve to death intellectually on a steady diet of headlines and sound bites.
10:6 Fantasy and reality are kissing cousins.
10:7 Do not disturb a memory so fine that it has risen to the shrine of public worship.
10:8 When you find yourself surrounded by wolves, climb into a tall tree and you will be saved. When you find yourself surrounded by an angry mob, a tall tree will not save you. Try to avoid wolf packs and angry mobs.
10:9 It is difficult, but not impossible, to see clearly in the fog of war. It is, however, impossible to see clearly when you lose your focus.
10:10 When you wake up in the morning there is a magical moment when you are free. Prolong and enjoy that moment more often.
10:11 Finding peace and contentment in the midst of turmoil is possible.  
10:12 Look to the stars to bring you down to earth.
10:13 When you grow a garden, retain enough seeds from the fruits of your labor to plant anew. Do the same thing when you grow relationships.
10:14 Life can be short and sweet, short and bitter, long and sweet or long and bitter. 
10:15 Look for the good in people, but keep your guard up as you seek for it. Also, do not allow casual seekers to see the good in you. Reserve transparency and authenticity for those who can be trusted.
10:16 There are many moral commandments that are impossible to live up to, and  many civil laws which cannot be enforced. Moral and civil disobedience is unavoidable.
10:17 Working hard is valuable and can certainly advance your cause and station in life, however, merit based advancement is often trumped by heritage, privilege and corruption.
10:18 Living on the edge requires a great deal of care, strength and restraint.
10:19 Finding true love is a treasure that has immense value. As with all treasures of immense value, however, there are always thieves that are scheming to steal it from you. Never forget that. 
10:20 In the end, you are an incredible combination of genetic codes and cultural experiences that have transformed you into a stunning singularity of beauty and wonder.

Copyright 2020-2022 Bruce Ray Productions All Rights Reserved


Riguroso Snape dei Prince


Full Name- Riguroso Snape dei Prince

Alias- Riguroso Princepali

Nickname- Rigor Mortis 

Occupation- Residency Professor of      Wizardry and the Cultural Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (2001-2005)

Curator and Owner of Princepali Art Studio, Naples, Italy (1981-2001)

Family- Tobias Snape (father)

               Eileen Snape née Prince (mother)

               Severus Snape (fraternal twin)

Nationality- British (by birth) Italy (raised)

Born- 9 January 1960- present


Riguroso’s birth was hidden from his father by his full blood witch mother with the help of her midwife. Wanting to protect him from Death Eater threats, she sent him to be raised in secret in a small village near Naples, Italy by a childhood family friend who moved there to study art. 


He was raised as an artist, but he discovered he was a powerful wizard when he created a paintbrush from a wand conveniently left on his easel by a local wizard following an All Hallows’ Eve celebration.


As a young adult he took over his adopted mother’s art studio upon her death. His intense grief at her death tripled his creative and wizarding powers. Although he had dozens of art students and several longterm mentorships, he never married.


In the late 1980’s, while teaching his mind reaching and reading skills, his twin brother Severus discovered his existence during an upperclass exercise as Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions at Hogwarts. Before killing Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore he revealed Riguroso’s existence and back story to Hogwarts Professor Minerva McGonagall. 


After Severus’ death she verified that Riguroso was using wizardry as part of his successful art studio in Naples. She later recruited him to Hogwarts for a 4 year residency to teach the history of wizardry in the cultural arts to upperclass students to whom he was known as Professor Riguroso Principali.


His most memorable quote is:

“Art and the Dark Arts are familiar essences.”



Riguroso Snape dei Prince


The “dei” in Riguroso’s full name is a reference to the fact that he and his fraternal twin brother Severus’ mum, Eileen Snape nee Prince, was a full blood witch born around 1930. Her maiden name Prince implies she was a possible descendant of royal ancestors. Also, it is closely held that there was an “aristocratic status of pure blood families in the wizarding world.” ( It is interesting to note that if newly discovered sources are right, Riguroso was the third Snape to reside at Hogwarts. This, as in addition to his 2001-2005 teaching residency at Hogwarts under the name Riguroso Princepali, Severus studied (beginning in 1971) and later taught there, and Eileen attended Hogwarts in the 1940’s. (

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Seamus Macdougall OC (Hogwarts Toad Supplier) 

Macdougalls of Argyll

Seamus MacDougall, who often films for Harry Potter Potterheads and Kaylen, Kelsey, and Kristen’s K3 Sisters Band is a descendant of the Scottish Clan MacDougall, a highland clan of ancient origins.

            The MacDougall tartan is:

Motto: Buaidh no bàs (Victory or Death), also translated as "Conquer or Die"
Region: Highland

History of Clan Macdougall:

Animal: Raven

Region: Argyll, Scotland

For 500 years the MacDougalls supplied students and professors at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry the finest toads money could buy.

The MacDougalls would only accept gold or silver coin or ingots as payment which they kept in vaults at Gringotts Wizarding Bank on the North Side of Diagon Alley in London, England.

Prior to 1991 toads were one of the three popular pets allowed to students attending Hogwarts in addition to owls and cats.

But their value was much greater to potions professors because toads’ skin is so porous that they could easily test the potency and power of their and their students’ potions by applying them directly on the toads’ skin instead of the potion having to be ingested.

Also, a proper toad could sit on a chicken egg in order to hatch a magical beast known as a basilisk. This could only be done by Dark Wizards who would raise the mighty serpents for evil. Herpo the Foul was the first wizard to do this.

Finally, under a unique spell, in 1993 Professor Filius Flitwick led a choir of students who sang and giant toads who croaked to the song Something Wicked This Way Comes aka Double Trouble. The song is thought to stem from Shakespeare’s MacBeth.

These giant toads are often mistakenly referred to as “choir frogs” and the choir was dubbed the Hogwarts Frog Choir.

When toads and other living creatures at Hogwarts were protected by the Ministry of Magic, the abuse of toads in testing potions and spell experiments was stopped. They are still used in charms classes to demonstrate levitation.

Nevertheless, Seamus MacDougall as a living descendant of the ancient Clan MacDougall continues to this day to trade internationally in high quality toads for Hogwarts and for Wizards and Witches around the world.

Seamus was a good friend of the late Hogwarts Potions Professor Severus Snape, and it is rumored that he arranged for smuggling of dragon eggs for Hagrid and others.

Seamus remains close friends with Severus’ twin bother Professor Riguroso Snape dei Prince who Professor Minerva McGonagall recruited to Hogwarts several years after Severus’ death.

In keeping with the Raven of the MacDougall Clan, Seamus was sorted as as a Ravenclaw.

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