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Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen decided to celebrate their 13th year of performing professionally by recording “13,” a studio album of 13 original songs that were popularized during many of their 100 plus live stream concerts broadcast worldwide during the COVID pandemic. And, coincidentally this project is their 13th record release!


Taking the time to sit down in their recording studio and polish each song with adventurous flairs that can’t be achieved during a live show resulted in high fidelity and sonically complicated, but ear pleasing flavor to of all the songs. Two of the songs, Psychopathic Lover and Into the Mystic were, however, remixed directly from feeds of live shows.


The girls wanted to pack their signature “genre bending” diversity and variety into this project, so get ready to be transported without warning into the worlds of rock music, high energy Latin ballads, folk, Celtic and K3 Sisters “comfort music.”


All of the recording, editing and mixing was done by the girls along with contributions by K3 Sisters Momma Jamie and The Bruce. Mastering of the songs was performed by Kent Stump of the renowned Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, Texas.


And, watch for the hard copy commemorative CD release complete with album art, liner notes and lyrics to all thirteen masterpieces.


Silver Lining Album Description 

In this 12th album in 12 years of performing as the K3 Sisters Band- Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen went back into their homegrown studio to record new songs as well as fan favorites from the past year of live stream concerts. The result is astounding as you will hear. The title track Silver Lining is an ode to positive belief that even during tough times, if you "look a little closer" you can discover good things in your life. Highlights include the "late night 'one and only take'" of the Harry Potter inspired Yule Ball Blues featuring just about every stringed instrument the band plays, the first re-recording of the 2014 anti-bullying hit Sticks and Stones, a Bob Dylanish flavored Weathertown featuring Kristen on vocals, and the chillingly introspective Life is a Funny Thing & Livin' in the Nowhere. The debut of Kristen's Love Fever immediately catches your fancy. Ending the effort with Just a Singer (In a Rock 'n Roll Band) leaves the listener with the good vibes of getting to know a band that knows their place in people's lives, and loves to be part of a community that cares about each other using their love of live music as the commonality to gather together and laugh, cry and support each other during live stream concerts and chats on YouTube premieres. Copyright 2021 Bruce Ray Productions All Rights Reserved

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K3 Sisters Band “My Time LIVE” Album Backstories – BRP
My Time – The title song to the album was originally conceived three years ago by Kristen when

she recorded the core of the song on her iPhone. During songwriting collabs, Kelsey and Kaylen helped to reshape the song until it was completed during the pandemic quarantine. It’s a combination “coming of age” song, and a statement of conviction that reflects a joyous realization that a person can rise above the “haters and the liars” in their life, and move into a new dimension of personal growth, success and wonder. The exclamations of “Oi! Oi! Oi!” are a shoutout to Paul McCartney, whose band Wings would shout this for joy during many of their live shows. Favorite lyric: “It’ll be my time to shine. I’m leaving it all behind. I’ve found my new


Queen Bellatrix – Released during the summer of 2020, this song was the brainchild of Kristen. Over the last ten years, she and the band have been dealing with various forms of internet and in person bullying. In 2014, they authored the #K3Motto: “I will always believe in myself, and celebrate my life and the lives of others. I will respect the music and customs of others, as long as they are not harmful to anyone. I will stand against bullying of any kind, and choose love over hate.” Several of the girls’ original songs, such as their older “Sticks and Stones,” reflected their stand on these important issues. This song is a unique fusion of a Harry Potter character, Bellatrix Le Strange, with a fictional character embedded into the song’s lyrics that sees Kristen emoting in a “double personality” frenzy to ultimately celebrate a fictional triumph over a bully who gets what she deserves in the end. Favorite lyric: “Now you’ve been tainted. You’re to blame. Your boyfriend left you. What a shame. Now you’re the one who’s crying on your knees on the ground. Not so safe and sound!

Fireflies – Kelsey does an awesome job on this ballad in which a boyfriend reflects on his “glory days” of being in love in and around New Orleans. He is watching fireflies in his back yard when the memories suddenly transport him back in time to days of innocent fun and romantic experiences with his girlfriend and group of buddies who frequent the beach scene both day and night. From frying up catfish on the levee, to “sweet stolen kisses with no alibis” this song is a celebration of the happy days and “happy daze” so many people cherish for a lifetime. The reference to Lafitte’s is a historical/cultural reference to one of the oldest drinking establishments in America which hearkens back to the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte whose men, among other things, aided Andrew Jackson in defeating the British at New Orleans which led to his full pardon by President James Madison. Favorite lyric: “Hot rainy nights, and cold sweet tea. It’s just you and me baby, down in New Orleans!


Forbidden Love – Who doesn’t relate to the passionate, but painful love story of William Shakespeare’s 1597 play Romeo and Juliet? In this moving song, Kristen describes the soaring emotions of falling in love with someone who does not measure up to approvals from your family. As the song develops, you will be pulled into the relationship conflicts with lyrics that move you to the moonlit “river walk” location of your choice reminiscent of San Antonio, the Mississippi River or a thousand other settings. Picture yourself blowing kisses into the moonlight as you walk hand in hand towards the front door of your home. The lyrics are surrounded by electric guitar riffs creating an other-worldly scene of contemplation and verve. Favorite lyric: 
“He whispered as he walked me home, that people shouldn’t feel alone. And as we came up to my door he said, ‘We’ll meet again for sure!’” 

Drums – For Kaylen, Kelsey, Kristen and the rest of the band, performing live includes immersing yourself, and getting totally lost in the moment as you improvise musically without the fears of being judged or failing to achieve the “perfection” of the recording studio. Those fans and friends of the band who “get it” are delighted to enjoy the thousands of notes and moments where they get to witness something that might never happen again in quite the same fearless manner or style. With the advent of Kristen mounting the saddle on the “throne” of the band’s full drum set for several new edgy songs, just such a flash of creativity and wild drumming was captured in time and space. And not only did this unrehearsed cacophony of drumming make it onto this album, but it became immortalized as the unexpected intro to the next song Free Ride!


Free Ride - Free Ride could be the song on this album which is “darkest” in tone, but it could just be the best warning song on this, or any other K3 Sisters Band album. Time will tell. It’s okay. All of us are tempted in life by people we know, lured by strangers and captivated by fads that we know might not be safe or right. You can’t say “the devil made me do it”, because all of us are free to choose the wrong or the right. That’s where the title of the song comes into focus! So, this song serves as a reminder that we should watch each others’ backs, and not cave into to the urges to do what we know we shouldn’t do. The “underneath the watch tower” lyric is a clear reference to Bob Dylan’s lyric and U2’s awesome cover version of “All Along the Watchtower”! Favorite lyric: “You are certainly the captain of your fate. But, you must choose wisely friend, before it is too late. But, it’s a free ride!”


Before the Fall – Kaylen was reading William Shakespeare’s Macbeth who was given a prophecy from three witches that he would become King of Scotland. He goes on to murder the king, take the throne, and then suffer from massive guilt and paranoia! When she began writing this incredible song the whole band was being confronted by a situation in which a leader they looked up to began to do and say things that they soon learned were unveiling his treachery and ulterior motives in a selfish leadership style. Wow! When you encounter these types of people it is a very serious matter, and one in which you must seek freedom from such “tyranny.” This song has stunned a lot of people into silence when it is finished because they can relate to a personal situation that is so well described in its lyrics. Kaylen’s voice is so plaintive that it draws you all the way into the mood and spirit of the number.  Favorite lyric: “We knew it all before the fall. People talk one minute, then not at all. Don’t question their authority. Oh! But, I see the flaws of their fantasy!”


Back to You – The most written about topic in the world is…love! And not only the dream of love, or current love, but lost love. In fact, one of the most painful things a human can experience in life is to lose a love. That is the idea behind this great love song that Kaylen penned. By the time she brought it into one of the band’s songwriting collab meetings, it was so incredibly well fashioned that there were almost no alterations made to the final version. This recording features not only the harmonica, but the seldom heard electric banjo. The truth is that all of us need to appreciate what we have in life, because things can occur that cause us to look back with great longing on places, possessions and people that have slipped through our hands and lives to our regret. Of course, the Jim Croce song “I’ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song” from I Got a Name comes to mind for any music lover. And, that’s something that Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen value. Learning about, and revering the singer/songwriters that have preceded them, and paying tribute to them in ways that are obvious, and not so obvious!  Favorite lyric: “Sometimes what you have is all you need. All I’d wanted, all I’d dreamed, was staring right back at me. Now, I know where I belong. I have to say, ‘I love you,’ in a song!”


A Year in America – Nostalgia is always lurking in the backs of any thinking person’s mind’s eye. In this American ballad, Kaylen chronicles a typical year in the US by writing a few lines alluding to different holidays and customs that occur on an annual basis. From Valentines Day, to the 4th of July events, and on to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, it’s a charming snapshot of an entire year that is unforgettable! How she embedded so much imagery into a few minutes of song is truly amazing! Favorite lyric: “Gifts under the tree on Christmas day. The fireplace is burning bright. Another year has slowly slipped away!”


The Game – Kelsey is often involved in explaining this song, and its intense current themes that are affecting more than just GenZers and Millennials. All of us have experienced, at one time or another, the heavy weights that society in general and parents in particular tend to put on our shoulders to go with the flow, and conform to stereotypes and “perfect” images and customs of our state, country, church and/or schools. There is a part of just about everyone that wants to “wander free” for a time, or more than a time! And that longing as well as the current constraints of the pandemic upon traditional education and its flaws versus merits is touched upon in this great original. Favorite lyric: “Some folks go to college to learn a lot. They will ask you if you’re going or not. They’re hoping for a degree. One that’ll set them free, then go get married and start a family. But, you just need some time to wander free. And none of your heroes ever got a PhD!”


Evangeline – Kelsey knocks it out of the park on this incredible ballad of a Cajun girl who grows up in an abusive family and “dead end” hometown setting only to journey north to the remote island of Saint Pierre off the coast of Canada and Newfoundland in search of herself. Yes, it’s another “coming of age” song which permeates this album! By the way, the lyrics in the song are strictly fictional, although the names are real. Saint Pierre is a French archipelago south of the Canadian island of Newfoundland, and remains today as the westernmost “territorial overseas collectivity” of the nation of France. History buffs know that the reason why Cajuns in Louisiana still speak French is due to the fact that the French had settled in Louisiana in a big way prior to Napoleon Bonaparte agreeing to the Louisiana Purchase which to everyone’s surprise turned out to be almost 1/3 of the territory comprised by the modern day United States of America! When you hear the name “Chataignier” in the song, it’s a reference to the town of Chataignier, Louisiana in Evangeline Parish. And, that’s why the Cajun girl’s name in the song is Evangeline!   Favorite lyric: “Along the way she found herself. Put her fears up on the shelf. Now she’s got a brand new look. She’s the star of her own book.”


Baby, Baby – Just when you think the high energy moments are over on this recording…here comes a high stepping, dance till you drop song! The adorable nickname “Baby” has been in 
movies, songs, poetry and novels for more times than can be counted. And here it is again! The perspective of the singer is one from which a love is being assured that there is nothing to fear, and that they are accepted and loved for who they are. Just about everyone on the face of the earth longs for such unconditional love. This song reflects the ideals of that kind of love and relationship. This number proves that a popular song does not have to contain too many words or deep allusions to be a favorite! The three electric guitars cooperating and then bouncing off each other keep the listener bouncing in their listening space, but when it’s performed live in person the electricity and euphoria generated is palpable. And, those emotions have invaded this rendition of the song to give the listener a taste of that special feeling of joy and emotional release we all love!  Favorite lyric: “You’ve gotta reach deep down, then move on up. Don’t play the fool. You must be cool!”

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