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Memphis Voyager - Daily Inspiration: Meet the K3 Sisters Band Kaylen, Kelsey & Kristen Kassab

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K3 Sisters Band - Premium Access

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“Described by VARIETY Magazine as an ‘All-Female Band Blowing Up on TikTok,’ the K3 Sisters Band is a group of three Dallas-born sisters Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen.” - Medium


“The K3 Sisters’ TikTok page often focuses on their other interests like the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise and transformation challenges; the followers they have acquired from the app have undoubtedly become fans of their music, too.” - VARIETY Magazine


“The K3 Sisters are making wildly creative, somewhat maniacal but infectious TikTok videos that mix their love of all things Harry Potter with current trends.” - Dallas Morning News


“The K3 Sisters single ‘My Time,’ is featured in a Smithsonian exhibit called ‘Girlhood (It’s Complicated).’” - LX News


“The K3 Sisters family dynamic, musical talent and pop-culture references have been the cornerstone of their social media empire.” - Texas Lifestyle & Travel Magazine


“Clearly, Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen have something special going on, and their new anti-bullying anthem ‘Queen Bellatrix’ is going absolutely viral.” - Sweety High


“In the age of the pandemic, the K3 Sisters connected to fans through social media. Instead of playing venues, they livestream concerts in a studio inside their own home.” - CBS News


“With their genre-bending music, beautiful melodies, and powerful lyrics, the K3 Sisters Band has continued to rapidly rise in the music industry.” - Distractify


“Kaylen, Kelsey and Kristen are not only successful singers with a bunch of their own original songs — like ‘My Time,’ ‘Fireflies’ and more — but they’re total TikTok stars.” - J-14 Magazine


“And as you might expect, on TikTok you can find fans with similar interests whether you are a Harry Potter enthusiast like the K3 Sisters or a fan of a popular celebrity.”

- Forbes Magazine

"Surprising Gen Z Reaction to Elvis Presley's Graceland Visit" Superstar Central Ep. 3

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Countries where the K3SB FAM live include: Greece, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany, Indonesia, Austria,
Australia, Poland, Pakistan, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Finland, Norway, Russia, India, New Zealand, Philippines, Spain, Kuwait, Netherlands, Singapore, Denmark, Egypt, Iraq, Serbia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Turkey, Sweden, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Hungary, United States, Ecuador & Neptune.
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